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We bring decades of proven industry expertise
to all of our clients.

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Telecom Solutions

Synchronize your IT solutions with your business goals and acquire the competitive edge today’s business scenario deems necessary!  Leverage the power of S2 Network Solutions working relationships with over 200 Telecom Data providers and receive competitive, negotiated pricing on Telecom Services.



VoIP Solutions

Reliable VoIP solutions that can be deployed on an enterprise level to leverage unyielding growth of your enterprise is what we propose to establish. Unyielding speed, security and flexibility that will enable you to outperform and create a niche for your company, we at S2Network Solutions bring to you VoIP solutions at competitive pricing that are aimed at evolving your business towards success while mitigating operation cost.

IT Consultation

In order to scale through success in today’s business world which is encompassed by the virtual realm in all spheres, effective deployment of IT or Internet Technology expertise is essential for any business or company. Our team of experts are well versed with this need and thus generate custom IT solutions based on your company, industry, performance and pricing structure.  Ensuring the deliverance of unmatched IT Consultation services, we are here to help you grow!

What we Offer

Partnered with the best in the league of Telecom and VoIP Service Providers in the country, we bring to you unparalleled pricing structure that you can adopt within your company and organization. With an expertise that spans over 15 years within this industry, we at S2Network Solutions are here to give you viable and ambitious guidance and pricing from the niche service providers in this sector.
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About Us

We have over 15 years of experience providing expert Telecom & VoIP guidance as well as IT Consultation for both businesses and individuals. Our Team brings decades of industry expertise in providing our clients with the best possible deals.  S2 Network Solutions ensures our partners are best in class, combining substantiated research with the most effective method available today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why VoIP?


If you don’t use VoIP for voice communication, then you are most certainly using the good old phone line (PSTN – Packet-Switched Telephone Network). On a PSTN line, time is really money.

You actually pay for each minute you spend communicating on the phone. International calls are much more expensive. Since VoIP uses the Internet as backbone, the only cost you have when using it is the monthly Internet bill to your ISP. Of course you need broadband Internet access, like ADSL, with a decent speed. In fact, unlimited 24/7 ADSL Internet service is what most people use today, and this causes your monthly cost to be of a fixed amount. You can speak as much as you wish on VoIP and the connection cost will still be the same.

Studies have shown that, compared to using a PSTN line, using VoIP can potentially make you save up to 40 % on local calls, and up to 90 % on international calls.

How does it work?

Step One

You contact us by phone, email or highly trained carrier pigeon. Whichever is preferable…

Step Two

We’ll ask a few research questions, including:

  • what phone system, if any, do you currently use?
  • who uses it and what for?
  • what type of bandwidth speeds do you require?
  • and most importantly, how much do you want to spend?

Step Three

We’ll use all that information to carefully consider what the best available solution is, look for the best price/quality balance and only once we have done all of that, will we make a recommendation of a product and service provider along with the very best price we can negotiate for you.  If we don’t feel S2 Network Solutions is right for you, we’ll tell you why. Otherwise, on to the Final Step!

Final Step

We will liaise with the service provider to get everything in place and make sure you are happy with your new service and we will keep in touch to ensure things stay that way.  Only offering the very best advice is paramount!



What are your fees?

There’s no fee for seeking our advice regarding Telecom & VoIP services. You only pay your Telecom & VoIP service provider. There is no charge to you for our service.
IT Consultation Solution fees are project scope based.  We will never charge any up front cost.

What Our Customers Achieve with S2


% Realize cost savings


% Improve customer service


% Free up IT resources


Why Choose Us?


We have over 15 years experience negotiating the best deals for our clients .


A young, enthusiastic team of consultants are always here to help.


Our Telecom & VoIP certified engineers ensure you get the optimum results.

For expert Telecom & VoIP solutions you can trust S2 Network Solutions.

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